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I am a Polish immigrant living in the USA since 1987. I arrived here, with my husband by my side, to build a new life. In Poland, at that time ruled by a communist regime, life was difficult and travel was restricted. In America, it felt like all roads were open and waiting to be discovered. We took full advantage of our newly gained freedom and since then visited hundreds of exciting destinations, mostly in the USA and Canada.

I am fascinated with North America’s natural beauty, ranging from famous national parks to hidden gems. I like to hike to get close to nature and experience its calming power. I am not a morning person, but when traveling I like to get up early and see nature waking up. Thanks to my husband’s influence and a good camera, I became a descent photographer. I enjoy capturing my memories in photos.

On occasion, I have an urge to visit big cities. My favorite activity is simply sitting at an outdoor café, having food and drink, and watching people. Also, I often search for ethnic restaurants – I enjoy tasting new foods. I do not mind shopping either, especially for shoes! Since I live only two hours from New York City, I go there at least twice a year. This is where I developed an appreciation for roof-top bars. It is an amazing experience to have an entire city under your feet, especially at night!

I travel for free. I use loyalty programs points, frequent flyers miles, credit card point bonuses, and credit card cash back. Managing all these different programs requires a lot of work but most importantly strict discipline. When it comes to credit cards there is no room for mistakes. The goal is to take advantage of the cards, not the other way around! I devoted one page of my blog to explain in more details how travel for free could be achieved.

I am a mother of one son, a wife, and a cockapoo’s owner. I have a master’s degree in economics and a travel agent degree. I work full time. I love to eat – everything! I like to socialize – I am a party girl, even at my mature age. I am blessed with a lot of great friends. My home is Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania.

I dance in the rain!

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I am a travel writer for Traveling Mom Writers Network

2 thoughts on “About me

  1. reclaimed1

    Hi Yvonne,

    I was waiting to see if you added the Sharp Bridge trip to your blog before I commented. But I didn’t want to let too much time go by without saying what a nicely designed and interesting blog you have. I really enjoyed all your photos and descriptions.

    Vinny Colombo

    • Yvonne Jasinski Post author

      Thanks a lot! I am behind with my blog. So many trips and not enough time to write about them. Our camping trip is waiting its turn. Better late than never! It was a pleasure to hike with you guys!


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