Lackawanna State Park, PA – waiting for the moon

In recent weeks I was taking my dog for a walk to Lackwanna State Park, just twenty minutes drive from my home. There is nothing extraordinary about the park. I visited it many times before, but now with every visit I am discovering it more and my appreciation for it grows. I am walking there late in the evening. The park is almost empty. When I enter it, I am stepping into nature. I feel that I am beginning to heal. Any stress, any anger, any worry goes away. I feel the wind on my face, I see the lake, the trees, and the sky – at that moment everything is good with the world. The jewel of the park is a lake. I learned to look at it closely. With the changing light, it often delivers spectacular painting-like reflection of its surrounding. It magnifies its scenery.





Yesterday, I decided to leave the dog behind and spend an evening exploring the park and taking pictures. It was a perfect day to do that. After the rain, the sky was clearing up and beautifully reflecting in the lake. Apart from taking pictures, I was hoping to take a group night paddle organized by the park to see the blue moon :(“Normally there is one full moon per month, the first full moon this month was on July 2, but because the lunar calendar and human calendar aren’t exactly synced, about every three years or so the moon’s calendar yields two full moons in the same calendar month.”) I learned about this event few days before but the tour was full. Still, knowing than people often sign up and then do not show, I decided to give it a try. I was lucky! I paid $5 for the tour and the adventure began!

With the setting sun and dramatic sky, the scenery became extraordinary. Colorful kayaks and their reflections only added their colors to it. There was overwhelming calmness in the air. When we started paddling, it felt like gliding. After a while, the sun was down and the park was falling into shades of gray. During that time, everyone spread apart. I was alone. In the dark, with other kayaks far away, I felt like was the only person in the universe. I could hear the silence. Then I saw the light showing at the horizon and I stopped and waited for the moon. And then it was! Beautiful perfect yellow circle (blue is just a term) emerged form the darkness. Next, the moon’s reflection appeared on the lake. It felt like I was witnessing creation!

I was so preoccupied with the big shining object that I failed to realize the other kayaks were almost gone. I did not hear or see anyone behind me and the lights in front of me were fainting. I also realized that I could not tell where the landing was. I did not think I would be left behind on the lake but just in case I started to paddle with all my strength to catch up. That was a workout but I was able to find my way. It was a wonderful way to spend the evening. From now on, I will be watching for other events organized by the park.






Below, this is how the blue moon should look like when photographed and processed by a professional: courtesy of Bob Branan – Silver Armor Photography.

Blue Moon - courtesy Bob Brann of Silver Armor Photography

Blue Moon – courtesy of Bob Brann of Silver Armor Photography

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