Keri Caves boat tour – Zakynthos, Greece

Our main goal of this tour was to see the loggerhead sea turtle (Caretta Ceratta). Both boys, Bartek and Kuba, were very excited hoping to take a swim with them. It was guaranteed that we would spot them. And indeed we did! Right at the marina. It was two of them, near the boat. It almost felt they were tied up there to make sure that each tourist gets to see them. It was fun to watch them swimming, but they stayed under water for the most part, so it was difficult to take a descent picture. We were expecting to look for more of them at the open sea but, as it turned out later, that was the end of our adventure with the turtles!


Another promised attraction of the tour was to visit a “beautiful” sandy beach. We stopped there for swimming. In my opinion, there was nothing special about the beach other than its location on a small island. There are many spectacular beaches in Zakynthos. I saw no reason to pay a special visit to this one. There were many other boats there, just like ours, but it was not crowded. One of the boats was a little kiosk with all the goodies that tourist desire, like ice cream, sodas, beer, and of course some simple food. The beach was sort of boring for my taste so I used the kiosk to buy beer. They asked 3 Euro per can but I told them I would buy three for 6 Euro and they agreed. Remember, there is nothing wrong with negotiating! There is a little more about this transactions. I gave the girl two 20 Euro bills that were stuck to each other. I had no idea that I did it. She noticed it and immediately gave one bill back to me and then took care of the change. I was very impressed. She had a chance to punish me for my stupidity but it did not even crossed her mind! I gave her a nice tip for that.



Before we agreed on this tour, my intuition told me to ask for one more attractions to be included in it. For a few extra Euros, we were able to add a visit to Kerry Caves. That made the trip! The scenery along the way to get there was amazing and the caves were spectacular! We all agreed that without this part, the whole excursion would be a waste of money! In general, boat trips in Zakynthos are much different than those I am used to in the USA or Canada. The goal is to take you to where you want to go, period! These are not guided tours! I assume it is different on some larger most luxuries boats but I came to Greece to find its local flavor, if it is good or bad. I do not regret it. Some of my most memorable moments from my vacation involved friendly people of Zakynthos.









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